What is SMBStory?

What is SMBStory?SMBStory is a platform to showcase the unending zeal and talent of traditional and small & medium businesses, which for various reasons remain unnoticed by the media. Except when they are being talked about in the collective.

Not many are aware of some really inspiring stories that are waiting to be told from the towns and cities of India. These are stories of profitable businesses and of local brands that consumers swear by.

Somewhere in our chase for tech and new-age businesses, we have stopped to celebrate our very own small and medium business entrepreneurs who against all odds are building strong and robust enterprises.

SMBStory, for us, is a way of celebrating the individual spirit of entrepreneurship that these small businesses display even as they take up new challenges brought on by internet technology.

The SMBStory will be a source of inspiration for our audience, who will get a peek into the work and lives of people running these businesses from all corners of the country.    

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