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Afghanistan seeks agricultural tie-ups with India

September 17, 2018

Afghanistan has invited Indian businesses to explore opportunities in the country in the fields of agriculture manufacturing and processing, packaging, trading and marketing.

The invitation was made by Naseer Ahmad Durrani, Minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, Afghanistan, during the four-day conference and exhibition 'Passage to prosperity: India-Afghanistan International Trade and Investment Show,' organised by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Rebuilding trade relationships and expanding export markets for Afghan products are critical for job creation, capital flows and overall stability in Afghanistan. Durrani said: “Afghanistan is looking for potential investors in the areas of agriculture manufacturing and processing, packaging, trading and marketing.”

“We export dry fruits, fresh fruits and nuts to India, which is now increasing with the opening of the air corridors between Kabul-New Delhi, Kabul-Mumbai,” added Durrani.

Afghanistan's agriculture exports are on the rise and are expected to increase by 30 percent to $260 million this year, from $200 million the previous year, he added.

Top export destinations for Afghanistan are Pakistan and India followed by China, Iran and Turkey, said Durrani. With increased capacity of Afghan producers and exporters to deliver the freshest of produce to market, these quality products are once again finding their way to supermarket shelves, he added.

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