BIA GlobalLinker platform to enable MSMEs to go digital and connect to a global community

November 23, 2018

Bombay Industry Association (BIA), a forum of industrialists, businessmen, and professionals representing MSMEs, launched BIA GlobalLinker, a digital platform for over 1000 members of the BIA.

The platform will help members digitise their businesses and connect to a global community of over 150,000 growing businesses. The new platform is the result of a partnership with GlobalLinker, a unique SME enablement ecosystem, and will serve as a huge step in putting BIA members on the national and international map with the power of digital technology.

The platform was launched at BIA’s 55th Installation Ceremony in the presence of Subash Desai, Minister of Industries, Govt of Maharashtra, Gautam Thakur, Chairman, Saraswat Bank and Shrikant Badve, MD, Badve Group.

For over six decades, BIA has served as a catalyst between the government, other trade bodies, and members to connect them to other businesses and support them in their growth.

Ajit Singh, immediate past president from BIA said, “Change is inevitable, modern enterprises succeed when they adapt to industry and market place shifts and incorporate new technologies into company culture and regular operations. BIA and GlobalLinker are two such enterprises and their coming together will bring about a digital transformation enabling BIA members to connect and network with other businesses at a global scale. Through BIA GlobalLinker, Bombay Industries Association aims to provide its SME members with an ideal solution to connect, collaborate, and capitalise – all on a single platform at”

On BIA GlobalLinker, members will now be able to create eBiz cards to share digitally with other members that they connect with and a digital catalogue of their products and services.

An assisted e-commerce store creator will also help MSMEs to expand their sales opportunities, manage inventory, payment gateways and logistics.

BIA GlobalLinker also provides several digital tools to address business efficiency challenges such as a business calendar where the MSMEs can schedule meetings with connected members and an eBriefcase for MSMEs to store and share documents create folders.

Sameer Vakil, Co-founder & CEO, GlobalLinker, said: “It’s a great privilege to have BIA partner with us to enable MSME members to connect to a global platform of other ambitious SMEs. Digitalisation is imperative to achieving faster business growth and wider reach. We look forward to assisting over 1000 BIA members to transform their business on the strength of this platform.’’

GlobalLinker, a unique SME enablement ecosystem, focuses on connecting SMEs with each other so that they can enjoy unhindered networking powered by an algorithm based 'match-making'.

SMEs on the platform also benefit from unparalleled economies of scale through collective purchasing power and superior access to business knowledge and skills.

A number of growing business utilities are also offered to SME members of GlobalLinker - e.g. a free eCommerce store creator with payments gateway and logistics services pre-embedded. Currently, GlobalLinker hosts over 1,50,000 SMEs on the platform. At the core, GlobalLinker digitises and connects SMEs and is entirely free to SMEs.

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