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MSME Ministry to enrol non-profit and CSR organisations to develop ecosystem

November 5, 2018

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) recently called for expressions of interest for the empanelment of non-profit institutions/pro bono/CSR initiatives organisations to become programme and knowledge partners in various MSME initiatives.

The initiative seeks to create a network for ecosystem support to MSME entrepreneurs. It will do this by facilitating a common platform for social entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the MSME ecosystem to collaborate and pursue mutually beneficial interests.

On November 2, the Prime Minister announced a 12-point programme under the MSME Support and Outreach Programme to help promote the MSME sector.

The empanelment will see people from non-profit organisations apply to support MSME entrepreneurs in various areas in which they have strength and expertise. These people are set to be called ‘resources’, and their applications will have to demonstrate their expertise in the following areas:

  1. Motivation programmes for entrepreneurs
  2. Knowledge support for MSMEs
  3. Market access initiatives
  4. Financial services delivery
  5. Technology services
  6. Legal services, policy, and governance
  7. Sectoral expertise
  8. Infrastructure, common services, and access to resources
  9. Any other expertise needed for creating a supporting ecosystem for MSMEs

On successful application, they will be empanelled with the Office of Development Commissioner (MSME), according to an official statement.

These individuals will help in the content development and support MSME advisory and awareness campaigns. The initiative will see support provided in the fields of knowledge, market access, technology, credit, and any other services as may be deemed necessary for the promotion and development of the MSME ecosystem. Further, the resources are going to be responsible for executing the work as per agreed terms.

The engagement will be on a pro-bono basis throughout the period of the engagement. However, the ministry said that work-related travel, accommodation, and appropriate out-of-pocket expenses and honorarium will be reimbursed by the Office of DC (MSME).

The Ministry also stated that it may extend such support to the resource from time to time. The expression of interest is open- ended and has no last date of submission of an application for empanelment.

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