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NSIC opens largest office in Bhubaneshwar to aid MSMEs

August 29, 2018

With a grant of Rs 550 million, the National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NSIC) has opened another office in Bhubaneswar to encourage MSMEs, including SC/ST groups.

Talking about this, Chairman-cum-Managing-Director of NSIC Ravindra Nath stated, "NSIC has fabricated its biggest place of business in eastern India with a developed region of 110,000 sq ft at Bhubaneswar."

Moreover, the building will have workplaces of different offices like National Skill Development Corporation, National Skill Training Institute (NSTI) and others which will work with NSIC for offering help to different MSMEs, including SC/ST groups, he included.

The new building will be introduced on August 30, which will likewise have NSIC National SC-ST Hub Office (NSSHO).

The state-run organisation will also set up its incubation centre for the textile business where coaching, guidance, and basic training will be given to people.

In order to set up Livelihood Business Incubator at Rourkela to help tribal youths become 'independently employed' in various exchanges, a MoU will be signed between NSIC, Rourkela Steel Plant and National Scheduled Tribe Finance Development Corporation on August 30.

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