Odisha launches special programme to promote agri production clusters in tribal districts

November 8, 2018

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on November 6 launched a special programme to promote agriculture production clusters (APCs) in tribal districts of Odisha, officials said.

Around Rs 401.60 crore will be spent for the programme, which will trigger growth in the farm sector with an objective of doubling the income of one lakh small and marginal farmers by establishing APCs in 40 blocks of 12 tribal dominated districts in the state over a period of four years, they said.

Under it, around 750 markets linked agri-entrepreneurs will be groomed and nested as value chain enablers.

The programme is a collaboration of the agriculture and farmers empowerment and Panchayati Raj and drinking water departments aimed at promoting the APCs in highland regions of the state.

It was launched in partnership with Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation (BRLF) with the professional assistance of Development Action, a national-level NGO.

Under the programme, schemes available with the horticulture directorate, Odisha Livelihood Mission, Odisha Agro Industries Corporation, Agricultural Promotion and Investment Corporation of Odisha Limited, Odisha Lift Irrigation Corporation, and other departments will be converged for the creation of the livelihood infrastructures for farmers in the highland regions.

Around 150 farmers will be organised into one producer group and would be facilitated to take up synchronized market linked production of identified crops, especially horticulture crops covering around 40 acres in a contiguous manner.

A similar 20-25 production groups involving 3000 to 5000 farmers will be aggregated to form APC or producers company at the appropriate level.

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