With just Rs 46k, this college dropout built a successful construction company

In just 4 years, Blue Oak expanded from two employees and Rs 1 crore turnover to a large team of 18 staff, 180 workers, and a Rs 23 crore turnover.

With the rapid expansion of concrete jungles in India, it is common to see large-scale civil engineering and construction projects in urban areas. However, the midsegment in this sector is not being given enough attention, according to Bengaluru-based entrepreneur Sharath Somanna. To address this gap, Somanna launched Blue Oak Construction in 2014, while he was still in college. It was launched with just Rs 46,000.

Somanna says, “It is a great journey with a lot of challenges. I don't come from a business background, and I learnt that the number one lesson in this industry is to never give up.”

The construction industry is massive and Somanna has worked with several prominent clients on new built projects, refurbishments, fit outs, and construction management.

In the near future, Blue Oak wants to become a one-solution platform where clients don't have to go to different parties and coordinate with different agencies to get a project done.

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(Video by Rishabh Mansur)

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