Applique Craft: A 'Sui Dhaaga' artwork from Gujarat

Applique Craft is one of the oldest artworks of Gujarat. Its history dates back to the time when women in North Gujarat made quilts and wall hangings, primarily for domestic purposes, with human and animal figure designs stitched on them.

The process involves sewing many small pieces of cloth onto a larger piece of cloth. This stitching fabric over fabric creates a more vibrant design with enhanced visual appeal. The larger piece, which forms the base, is usually thick and the other cloth pieces, from which the designs are cut, are usually thin.

Today, the art form is used for decorating quilts, pillow covers, bedspreads, cushion covers, tents, decorative wall hangings, etc.

Kamlesh Zala, a representative from Bramhani Mahila Sewa Trust, shares with SMBStory how demonetisation and GST affected the applique craft. According to him, there is a funding problem and the profession just enables a hand-to-mouth existence for the artisans. This has resulted in fewer women pursuing the centuries old art form in Gujarat, he says.

(Video: Mohit Sabharwal)

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