Meet RK Sood, a pioneer of portable, instant, low-cost geysers in India

Engineer-turned-entrepreneur RK Sood made Paragon geysers in 1975. The company, Paragon Products, with Sood at the helm, is currently clocking a turnover of Rs 6 crore. It claims to provide geysers at par in utility with those which on an average cost at least Rs 2000-3000 higher. In a conversation with SMBStory, Sood shares his more than four-decades-old journey and how difficult it was to build a business during the 'License Raj' era in India. At present, Sood is joined by his son with whom he aims to leverage advantages of the digital technology for growing his business.

(Video production: Mohit Sabharwal, interview: Vincent Arthur, camera: Manoj Upadhya)

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